At my reunion last night, I felt something I’d never felt before at these kinds of things. I felt relaxed.

You know that pressure you feel when you get around high school classmates? You want to look flawless, sound intelligent, appear (somewhat) successful. The charades we all create are meant to hide who we really are because somehow we don’t feel worthy. We don’t feel as though we’re enough.

Last night I realized all my secrets have been revealed. There is no longer a need to pretend. No longer a need to be anything other than who I am. It was very liberating.

In the last few years or so, I’ve become braver. A truth-teller rather than a “don’t rock the boat” kind of person. I’m more in touch with my emotions and feelings. And I’m way more inclined to assert my convictions or stand up for myself than I ever was in the past.

Is this because I’m 43 and I don’t give a shit what people think of me? Maybe. The point is, we all have baggage from high school or college or our twenties that – if we don’t deal with it-  will consume us. And make us try too hard to make others like us or approve of us.

Last night was loads of fun. I was finally able to relax and just enjoy. And you know what I call that? Freedom.


Class of 1988

Tonight is my 25th high school reunion. Sounds cliche, but I can’t believe it’s been 25 years!

I’ve been thinking about 80s stuff…so here’s a completely random data dump of what’s running through my mind from this fabulous decade:


I’m sure there’s more…but what did I miss?

All in all…a good day :)

My small turkey came out pretty darn good.

I tried making salt potatoes as a nod to our friends in Syracuse…not bad, but not the greatest.

Fried corn with scallions and bacon..,yum.

Butternut squash courtesy of a recipe from Trader Joe’s…yum.

Stuffing, a la Stove Top…yum.

My parents worked patiently with our girls and made a gingerbread house with yummy frosting, which I may or may not have scraped off already. Multiple times. *yum*

And a thoughtful husband who ran out to the only open grocery store to get some aluminum foil because it’s one of many things I forgot…

Pies in the fridge – pumpkin and chocolate cream. Football on now and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on tonight.

All in all a good day 🙂

And now? I’m off to the local CVS to get my husband some whipped cream for his pumpkin pie because I forgot it.
I figure it’s the least I can do given the whole aluminum foil thing.


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The Last Thing I Hid

This is one of the prompts from BlogHer for the daily blog post challenge: tell us about the last thing you hid.

The last thing I hid was our Elf on a Shelf. My nine year old got her a few years ago on Thanksgiving and she named her “Katie the Elf.” Do you know the whole elf story?












Here are the rules:

No one can touch the elf.

No one can move the elf.

The elf “leaves” every night and “reports” back to Santa at the North Pole.

If my husband and I aren’t too tired or lazy or drunk to remember, she reappears each morning in a different spot.

She returns back to my jewelry box the North Pole on Christmas Eve and doesn’t return until next Thanksgiving.

For the life of me I couldn’t remember where I had stashed Katie. I couldn’t put her with the Christmas decor because my daughter would surely find her. Luckily, I have a decent size jewelry box with multiple hidden compartments. Let’s just say Katie folds up nicely.

I see some people on Facebook do some really creative things with their elves. I’m going to try to be a bit more creative with my elf placement this year. And I’m going to set my alarm to go off every night at 11pm so I remember to move her. There were way too many nights last year when my husband and I were cozy and warm in bed when we realized we hadn’t moved Katie. Wish me luck!


The One Where I Reveal My Stalker Tendencies

I’m totally duplicating efforts today. I’m reblogging my column this month from the Open Adoption Bloggers website.

On being thankful for books, the Internet and openness. And how I’m a total stalker.

Oh Please, Not The Whole “Happy Holidays” Thing Again

I have no problem at all with how people greet me during the holidays. As long as it doesn’t involve an insult or calling me a name I wouldn’t want my kids to hear. Say “Merry Christmas” to me, and I’ll thank you and say it right back to you. Say “Happy Holidays” and I’ll return the favor. Say “Happy Hanukkah” and I shall wish you the same.

I took my daughter to the Radio City Christmas show tonight and as we walked in, one of the greeters said, “Hi everybody! Happy Holidays!”

To which an elderly, white man SHOUTED back, “THAT’S MERRY CHRISTMAS, SON!”

Way to go, sir. Your mean spiritedness really showed him.

Posts like these and various chain emails about the importance of saying “Merry Christmas” make their rounds every year and they bug me. For goodness sake, if you want to say Merry Christmas, then say it. But don’t be offended if everyone doesn’t say it. And certainly don’t be offended if someone wants to say Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Buenas Noches (fine, forget that last one – I’m just checking to see if you’re still with me). My point is, why can’t we all just exchange greetings…smile…and enjoy it?

Does everything have to be a political statement? I don’t want to be all crabby about this because who cares? I’ll continue to say what I want to say. And I think everyone else should too. So good bye crabbiness and hello ‘NSync. Don’t tell anyone, but I love ‘NSync and I love this song. And note – it’s called “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.” Good for you, young Justin Timberlake.