All in all…a good day :)

My small turkey came out pretty darn good.

I tried making salt potatoes as a nod to our friends in Syracuse…not bad, but not the greatest.

Fried corn with scallions and bacon..,yum.

Butternut squash courtesy of a recipe from Trader Joe’s…yum.

Stuffing, a la Stove Top…yum.

My parents worked patiently with our girls and made a gingerbread house with yummy frosting, which I may or may not have scraped off already. Multiple times. *yum*

And a thoughtful husband who ran out to the only open grocery store to get some aluminum foil because it’s one of many things I forgot…

Pies in the fridge – pumpkin and chocolate cream. Football on now and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on tonight.

All in all a good day 🙂

And now? I’m off to the local CVS to get my husband some whipped cream for his pumpkin pie because I forgot it.
I figure it’s the least I can do given the whole aluminum foil thing.


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6 thoughts on “All in all…a good day :)

    • Well, they are cooked a certain way. Ton of salt in boiling water…but don’t cut the potatoes or else they’ll absorb the salt. Then drain and butter and serve. They’re delicious 🙂

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