When You Held Your Breath To Find Out If School Was Closed

The view from our home - with a photobomb by the snowplow truck.

The view from our home – with a photobomb by the snowplow truck.

As I’m writing, snowpocalypse is raging outside my window. Another 10 inches or so is expected in our neighborhood. All this on top of the foot or more already covering the sides of the roads and everyone’s front lawns. I don’t mind the snow so much, especially now since I work from home and a daily commute is not something I have to deal with. It really is pretty to look at. But it’s getting old as we reach mid-February.

We found out last night that school would be closed today for my nine-year old. The list of school names – neatly arranged by county – scrolled along the bottom of the local New Jersey news station a good five hours before a single flake fell. We also received text messages and phone calls last night from an automated notification system – about the “impending weather.”

Now what fun is that?

I remember as a kid waking up early, raising the window shades and seeing the most glorious sight – SNOW! We’d run to the dining room, turn on our big stereo and tune it to the local station that was listing off all the school closings. The sound was all static and grainy – a sign of the times before satellite and digital radio. The announcers would list the names alphabetically. Our town began with “M” and we usually tuned in when they were somewhere at “S.” So we’d have to wait for them to loop around and begin again. Without fail, our town was one of the last to decide to close. I grew up in Melrose. And this is what we would hear:

Malden, Medfield, Medway, Middleton, Milton….

Melrose should fit neatly between Medway and Middleton, right? But it never did. At least not on the first read-through.

No, it wasn’t until after I had taken a shower, gotten dressed, had breakfast and was ready to go.

We’d listen one more time…Malden, Medfield, Medway, MELROSE, Middleton, Milton…


Back in our jammies for a day full of cartoons and sitcoms 🙂


The Colors of New Jersey

Maybe we just weren’t paying attention last year. Or maybe we missed it because of Hurricane Sandy. Either way, the colors in New Jersey this fall – particularly in the town where I live – are just spectacular. And how lucky are we to still be enjoying them right into November? fallcolorswordpress

How I Scored a Free Kindle Fire

You know those timeshare presentations that you have to sit through for hours and hours only so you can get the free gifts they offer?

Well it turns out they offer them for residential real estate too. Now, I’m not one that just wants the free gifts (omg yes I am), but I have to say this offer was enticing. So enticing in fact, that we ended up doing it!

We visited beautiful Eagle Rock, PA over Memorial Day weekend. Nestled in the gorgeous Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, at the crossroads of I-81 and I-80, Eagle Rock is a little bit of nature-heaven right here on earth. The mountain were stunning, the trees were that dark, woodsy green and the lakes were sparkling. There were beautiful log cabin homes and the air was so invigorating that I swear I was on one constant ‘inhale’ just to suck in as much goodness as I could.

We arrived Sunday. Our tour was set for the next morning, so that left us the afternoon and evening to play a bit. The hotel was gorgeous. Service was so-so. Our room had a private balcony with a sweeping view of the Blue Mountains. Breathtaking. Deer roamed free and trotted across roads and hillsides with grace.

We visited one of the two lakes on the property and the girls kicked off their shoes and played in the sand for a while and took advantage of the nearby playground. And there was a stable nearby filled with gorgeous horses. It was restful and peaceful and lovely.

Dinner was yummier since we had a gift certificate that covered nearly 90% of the bill. And our jacuzzi-size tub made for a relaxing evening 🙂

The next morning was the tour. And it was uncomfortable. We drove around in the sales guy’s car while he pointed to empty lots. And my lovely two year old was being every ounce of “two” that she could be. If you know what I mean.

Bottom line? We saw lots. Bought nothing. Chased said two year old around the guy’s office. Turned him down gently twice and not so gently once. Got our free Kindle Fire and a free set of golf clubs (score!) and drove home.

OMG. Are we horrible people?

kindle fire

That Day

You know that day when it’s still winter and chilly, but the sun is out? You can feel the warmth trying to make itself known. You can actually smell spring in the air.

Yesterday was that day for me. My girls and I were walking to the bus stop in the morning and we heard the birds chirping a concerto. The sun shone so brightly, it reflected off the school bus windows causing a fierce glare. I love mornings like this. It’s like I want to inhale all the goodness and fresh air.

Fall is really my favorite season, but there’s something about spring when it first comes. It’s a fresh start. A time to start new things, form new habits, and get ready for new colors in your life. That probably sounded weird but I’m totally ready for spring to come. Birds, trees, flowers, playing at the park. Yup, I’m ready.