52 Weeks of Sisterhood: Smiling Eyes

I come from a long line of proud Irishmen. And Irishwomen 🙂

St. Patrick’s Day was always a big holiday when I was growing up, especially on my mom’s side of the family. We shared a duplex with my grandparents where we lived on the first floor and they lived above us. March 17 was definitely a day to be celebrated and to wear your green. I remember green carnations, corned beef and cabbage and the sound of my grandfather singing “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” as he puttered around the house in his signature blue jeans and white t-shirt.

I’m proud of my Irish heritage and I’m glad to share a little bit of it with our girls. Shortly before we were married, my husband and I traveled to Ireland. I remember the beautiful green countryside, quaint little thatched roof cottages, stone architecture, the narrow roadways and SHEEP! It was gorgeous. We toured all the famous landmarks and explored some of the lesser known parts of the Emerald Isle. My ancestry is pretty firmly rooted in Ireland (County Cork, to be exact) and my husband has some Irish heritage as well. We can’t wait to bring the girls someday. I know they’ll love learning more about where they come from. In the meantime, we’ll keep celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. And smiling 🙂


My little leprechauns enjoying green donuts and some smiles on St. Patrick’s Day.


I love their smiling Irish eyes.


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