Sucked Up

While vacuuming up the dirt from a potted plant that had spilled (after a dancing two year old twirled past it…), I decided to vacuum the dining and living rooms while I was at it.

And that’s when it happened. A clickety clack racket – you know the sound. You’ve just run over something that most definitely does NOT belong in a vacuum cleaner.

I wasn’t sure what it was at first. And then I saw what was left of my cell phone charger cord. The frayed remnants of a thin black cord which was still plugged in to the outlet. The vacuum had swiftly ripped the cord apart and sucked it up.

To say I love my phone is an understatement. But it will die tonight and be useless to me in the morning until I drive to the mall and get a replacement. I don’t know if I can last til then!!

Side note: last week my two year old was afraid the vacuum would eat her. I reassured her but then my older daughter got her hair caught in the vacuum. Today’s incident – with all the clickety clack racket – did nothing to reassure my two year old that vacuums are not mean eating machines.

So I’m sitting at a Supercuts while my older daughter gets her haircut typing this blog post.

On my phone.

Which is using up my battery.



3 thoughts on “Sucked Up

  1. Argh! I am useless and itchy without my phone. I feel ya on this. And I don’t think I would believe you about vacuum cleaners at this point either. 😉

  2. My 2yo is definitely a skeptic at this point! I tell her to sit criss cross applesauce on the sofa while I vacuum so she’s out of “danger.” I’m sure this will come up in her future therapy sessions 🙂

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