Daily Blog Post Challenge – Day 11 (With some help from Rita Wilson)

OK so I couldn’t think of anything to write today, which is weird because I often think in blog posts. Anyway, thank goodness the folks at BlogHer have a prompt for each day of the November National Blog Post Month challenge. So I’m using it!

Today’s prompt: “If you had to be trapped inside a movie for five days, which movie would you pick?

Hmmmm…I think I would go with my all-time favorite movie of all time, “Sleepless in Seattle.” I know, I know. Typical chick flick. But I just love it. I wouldn’t want to be in the movie, but since I know Meg Ryan’s every move, I would follow her on her journey from Baltimore to Seattle. I would hide in her backseat as she drove from her parent’s home to her fiance’s parent’s home on Christmas Eve. I’d sing along (quietly) as she sang, “horses, horses, horses…” on the radio. And I’d hold my breath as she first listens to little Jonah call into the radio station.

I’d be at the marina when she nearly gets hit by a truck watching Sam and Jonah. I’d be at the jewelry store when Annie’s fiance gives her his mother’s ring, noting he had to have it sized down because she had “fat fingers.”

And last – I’d be at the top of the Empire State building on the night they finally meet. Makes me cry every time.

But dear Lord, the funniest scene in the whole movie is with Rita Wilson describing a scene from “An Affair to Remember.” I’d totally be hiding in the kitchen of Sam’s house just to hear her tell the story šŸ™‚


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