Fingers Crossed for Daily Blogging with BlogHer

I’m challenging myself this month to blog more regularly. Mostly because I need to flex my creative writing muscles. I’m doing more and more writing for clients, which is completely fabulous. But I really enjoy writing for myself as well, but I don’t often have the time.

BlogHer, the fabulous blogging site for and by women bloggers, is hosting National Blog Post Month – or NaBlPoMo, which is a challenge to blog daily for the month of November. Here’s their cool badge:


Anyway, I’m excited about it! To help bloggers with their writing, BlogHer has a series of prompts for each day. Today’s prompt was “if you found a million dollars in the morning and had to spend it all by the evening, how would you spend it?”

OK so here’s what I would do:

*Buy a house in the town we live in. Dear Lord. That would take nearly half the money, but it would totally be worth it. We love the schools where we live but we’re not wild about the place we’re renting. So this would be a great solution.

*Next, I would give some money to our parents, our sisters and my son. I’ve always wanted to be in a position to help them out more – and not that anyone is destitute, but wouldn’t it be nice?

*I would also want to give money to a charity that does really good work in adoption. Perhaps the Dave Thomas foundation – I’m really loving the work they do to move foster kids into permanent homes.

*Last (that money went quickly!) I would buy timeshare outright at Disney. After 12 years of working there, I guess I  can’t get enough.


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