Pretty Sure Burger King Hates Me

The sarcastic tone coming out of the drive-thru speaker was unmistakable.

I had just ordered a bag of sliced apples for my two year old and a medium diet coke for myself. We had just finished a great morning at our local YMCA. She had her first swim class by herself without me having to sausage myself into a bathing suit and crawl into the over-chlorined pool. And after swim class, she joyfully ran to the kids play area while I enjoyed a three mile run in an effort to shed some of the aforementioned “sausage”.

We left and both of us were kinda hungry.

I love hate fast food…especially the super-delicious incredibly bad-for-you french fries. So unless we’re on a road trip, my rule is: just a diet coke and a bag of apples. That’s it. It’s enough to quench our thirst/hunger temporarily until we get home.

The woman took my order. And then I heard her reply…laced with a strong hint of disgust.

JUST a bag of apples and a coke? You don’t want anything else?”

Um, nope.

“Fine. $3.78. Drive around.”

And then she smirked at me at the window.

What the?

You know what, Burger King? You offer a drive thru window so people can order WHATEVER THEY PLEASE conveniently and then go on with their day. If you have a problem with that, then maybe you should set parameters at your window. Minimums, if you will. Something along the lines of, “Five dollar minimum…” or “Must order a meal…” or “Can’t just order a drink…”

Either way, I’m pretty certain the four dollars it cost me for a drink and some fruit is equivalent to the four dollars you’d be pocketing had I ordered a small french fry and a burger.

Just trying to have it my way, oh king of burgers.


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