Open Adoption Roundtable #50

The Open Adoption Roundtable is a series of writing prompts around the topic of open adoption. It’s sponsored by Open Adoption Bloggers and is a great way to get some different perspectives from all sides of the adoption prism. This roundtable topic is:


Two thoughts came to me when I read this prompt. The first was a story that my son’s mother told me about when he was about to enter kindergarten. He’s now 25, so this was around 1993-94. He was preparing to attend a local Catholic school and was visiting with one of the nuns on the school playground. His mom was out of sight, but within earshot. No doubt she was smiling as she watched her son (our son) – who has always had a certain maturity about him – hold his own during this very important meeting.

As they walked and played, the Sister asked him his favorite colors, his favorite toys and about his family.

Then she said, “Tell me what’s special about you?” My son’s mother told me that he thought about it for a second and then smiled a huge smile and replied, “I’m adopted!” He was happy and proud and this was his ‘normal’, thanks to the openness his mom and dad encouraged and practiced.  This story always makes me smile.

The second thought I had when reading this prompt was about my fourth grade daughter. She knows about her brother and she knows his adoption story. She loves her brother immensely and although we don’t see him as often as we’d all like, we are in touch often. Every year it seems she has some school project about a family tree where she needs to list her immediate family members. Without my prompting, it makes my heart happy to know that she’s always included her brother. Always.

Here’s a project she had to do in second grade…her brother and sister are on the main part of her tree.

Family Tree

Family Tree


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