Bad Mommy

Trying to catch up on emails, tweets, followers, comments, etc. this morning after a week of being semi-detached. I’m also drafting a news release for the company I’m working for about a cool award they won. I used to write four or five news releases a week with ease. This is the first one I’ve written since last year. Love the challenge.

Anyway, my girls are both home. School here doesn’t start until the Friday after Labor Day.

The Disney Channel is blasting as I sit across the room typing, thinking, writing.

I feel simultaneously proud and horrified that my two year old knows the words to all of the cartoon theme songs. Sofia the First, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Part of me wants to yell – that’s my girl!

And the other part of me wants to turn in my mommy badge at the door.

TV is bad, right? That’s what they all say. But she is learning words and colors and shapes and important concepts like sharing, bravery and friendship. Am I trying to convince myself that it’s OK? Am I overthinking this? Some parents don’t even let their kids watch TV. And yet, in my home the first two hours of every morning belong to the Disney Junior channel.

Guess I’m just having a moment.

And OMG I’m just now realizing the irony of this post…which was written as my kids absorb the latest Sofia the First episode.



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