The Sweet Spot (a borrowed title)

My world is infinitely better since discovering the blog, RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND. Specifically – the post that led me to this blog was called “The Sweet Spot” and when I read it, it stopped me dead. Even if you’re not a parent, trust me – click on the link. It’s a great read.

The basic premise is that while watching her kids, she realized that she was in the sweet spot of parenting. That perfect alignment of being in the moment as a mother with her kids. And loving it.

When I read it, I felt a lump in my throat, a slight tingling sensation in my eyes, and simultaneous waves of clarity and gratitude.

The author, Julianna Miner, pinpointed exactly what I’ve been feeling lately.

My girls are 9 and 2 so their interests are very different. My older daughter sometimes can’t be bothered with her younger sister because, well, she’s 2.

But there are times when they are together that magic happens.

I see my older one teaching her sister. And I love how protective she is of her. My younger daughter thinks she’s the same age as her sister. And so she wears the inevitable bumps and bruises she gets from trying to keep up with big sister, as a badge of honor.

I love watching them while they’re playing and arguing and swimming and scootering and coloring and reading and fighting and cooking and tickling each other. And despite the high-pitched screams that sometimes accompany their togetherness time, I feel extraordinarily grateful. They’re healthy, happy, and seemingly well-adjusted. (I suppose future therapy bills will answer that question.)

Still, it’s really satisfying to look at your kids and think “I’m pretty lucky.”

And I am.



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