Courtesy of The Joyful Mother

Courtesy of The Joyful Mother

This photo popped up on my Facebook page and I just love it.

The last part speaks about belief. What I took from this is that sometimes belief (disguised as religion) clouds our ability to make our own judgments and decisions in life. I’m not opposed to religion, I just approach it suspiciously. And I by no means begrudge those who find comfort in the daily or weekly rituals in attending a particular church.

For me, I find my spirit in nature. In moments with my kids and my husband. In moments of quiet reflection or meditation.

And in learning something new. I absolutely love learning new things. Both my husband and I try to instill a love of learning in our girls. We want them to question and seek and investigate and yes, wonder. Otherwise, what’s the point? Aren’t we here to stretch our minds as much as possible? To learn and experience and color outside the lines whenever we can?


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