That Day

You know that day when it’s still winter and chilly, but the sun is out? You can feel the warmth trying to make itself known. You can actually smell spring in the air.

Yesterday was that day for me. My girls and I were walking to the bus stop in the morning and we heard the birds chirping a concerto. The sun shone so brightly, it reflected off the school bus windows causing a fierce glare. I love mornings like this. It’s like I want to inhale all the goodness and fresh air.

Fall is really my favorite season, but there’s something about spring when it first comes. It’s a fresh start. A time to start new things, form new habits, and get ready for new colors in your life. That probably sounded weird but I’m totally ready for spring to come. Birds, trees, flowers, playing at the park. Yup, I’m ready.


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