8 Years Old

I’ve worked my whole adult life, but I took a year and a half off when my oldest daughter was born in 2004. And now, I’m lucky to be home caring for our 18 month old daughter.

So days at the park are a fact of life for me. And really, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

My baby loves to run and be free to climb and slide and explore.

But it’s different for my 8 year old. She’s at the perfect age to play at the park. That sweet time before adolescence but long after the toddler years have ended. She can do everything at the park and it makes me smile to see her utter enjoyment as she runs from the monkey bars, which she conquered earlier this fall, to the swings, soaring higher and higher every time.

It’s a joy to watch both girls play at the park. But I’m savoring the moments with my older daughter more and more. Knowing that soon she’ll be too big to go to the park. And worse, she won’t want to go to the park.

Winter will be here soon so for now it’s watching squirrels race up and down trees collecting nuts. Stomping through the dry, crunchy leaves, and wearing an extra layer of clothing as the fall brings about a chill.

I love the park. And, thankfully, so do my girls.


2 thoughts on “8 Years Old

  1. I've worked my whole adult life, too. Fortunately, though, I was able to take a few years off and be with my children when they were little. That meant to much to me to be able to do that – – – enjoy every second of it!!

  2. Thanks Judy! I enjoy working and love the positive example it shows my girls, but it's so nice to have a little time to be home with them and enjoy the little inbetween moments too. Best, Kim

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