And Hence My Weight Issues

This is the second installment of my commitment to NaBloPoMo. If that looks a bit like a porn site, click on the “Gift” icon to your right to see what it’s all about. 

The suggested topic today is: What is the most disappointing gift you received as a child. 

OK so I can’t totally blame my weight issues on the good intentions of my great-Aunt Helen, but c’mon. The worst gift I ever received as a child was a pair of Hanes suntan pantyhose. 


W. T. F.

It shouldn’t even matter that at the tender age of 10 I was just barely five feet tall and little more than 100 pounds so weight wasn’t really an issue for me (yet).

What probably does matter is that my sweet aunt may not have had the money to buy anything more extravagant that nylon undergarments. Maybe she scoured her apartment for something worthy of a 10 year old little girl. Or maybe she had a bunch of pre-wrapped gifts at home and she grabbed one at random to bring to our house.

The reality is, in a decade or so she would be diagnosed with dementia. A horrible condition which I believe is probably the worst thing ever.

But from a child’s perspective, opening that small, carefully wrapped package, I imagined it was perhaps a new pair of mittens. Or a small purse….or even a stuffed animal. But pantyhose. And I repeat. In QUEEN SIZE.

Beyond mortifying. I’ve been on a diet ever since.


3 thoughts on “And Hence My Weight Issues

  1. OH, yeah. Hands down, you win for most disappointing gift. I remember my mom telling me "get the queen size, because they're more comfortable" when I was a little older than that. Thankfully, she didn't need them so I never made the connection to my own body, but ouch, I can see how other kids would.

  2. Cute, funny, sad story. On my daughter's 8th birthday she was preparing to be baptised. An adult male acquaintance got her a pair of panty hose for her birthday. They weren't queensize, but I think at 8 years old it was a little creepy.

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