Lingering on the Last Shot

I saw an ad today. It was an NBA player soaring high near the net ready to dunk a shot. The ad said, when you miss a shot, just focus on the next one. Here’s something to think about. Why the hell do most women – me included – focus on the shot we missed rather than simply accept it for what it is and move on to the next shot?

Why are we such prisoners to the past? So guilt-ridden and so afraid of the mistakes we’ve already made, that we’re paralyzed by fear and uncertainty and unable to move forward?

Do men just have it easier? Is it in our genes? What IS the problem with us?

Now I’m not talking about all women. Just some of us.

My husband said something to me today as we were talking about some things from my past that I’ve worked really hard to let go of. He said that when you’ve done all you can do, that’s it. That’s ALL YOU CAN DO. Accept it. And move on. There’s really no use in regretting, looking back, dwelling, etc. You’ve given it your all. And if that doesn’t work? Oh well!

Focus on my next shot.

Good advice – worth considering.


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