You Say Super Mario Brothers, I Say Shut the F*ck Up

My daughter adores her DSi. She could sit for hours at a time playing her games or taking pictures or using the draw functions. Yes, that comment just secured my mother of the year award, thankyouverymuch.

I don’t mind video games so much. I played Atari as a kid. And yes, I am from the stone age. Still, I don’t see the harm in moderation. But this Super Mario Brothers game? It’s like crack.

Now I’ve never done drugs. And while I’ll admit to being just this side of curious about pot, I have no desire to try any of the hard stuff. I have my vices and comparatively speaking they’re not too bad. Coke (the soda), driving fast, chocolate, chronic lateness by like 10 minutes. A solid B+ in my book. But Super Mario Brothers? Apparently it’s a cult. It’s crazy-addicting. And it’s got my daughter. And, when he’s not traveling, it’s got my husband, too.

When she loses a game or fails to get to the next level (whatever that means) there are usually tears. She’s so hooked on this game it makes me want to scream! She brings her DSi everywhere. And her friends at summer camp apparently help each other to get to the next level. Is it just me or doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of playing a video game? Where’s the thrill in having someone else get there for you? I don’t get it.

No offense to the lovely people that created Super Mario Brothers. I’m sure it’s made them millions. But in our household? It’s created a bunch of crack addicts. And I’m not sure they’re ready to detox.


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