My World Wide Web

“A spider’s web is stronger than it looks.”

My older daughter and I are reading Charlotte’s Web together. And it’s delightful. She has trouble with some of E.B. White’s old fashioned words like ‘bestirred’ and ‘salutations’ but it doesn’t matter. We’re enjoying the process. And I’m enjoying revisiting this childhood classic all over again.

She asks me to explain the reference of morning dew and why it makes the words on Charlotte’s web appear more vivid. So I tell her what dew is and how we almost always see it on cool mornings in early fall. It’s most noticeable when we’re leaving for school, I explain. You can see the light mist hovering over the grass. And right at the surface, it appears as though crystal fairies had visited and deposited their sparkles atop each blade. It’s almost magical. Her eyes are transfixed. She understands.

And together we read Charlotte’s message aloud, “Some Pig!”

A few more pages tonight and then off to bed.


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