Thanks Natalie

Just a quick shout out to Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs. I’ve always loved “These Are The Days”…

From here on out, I’ll be writing about whatever’s on my mind. My main reason for writing is to remind myself that these really are the days. I get stressed out way too often. Too focused on tomorrow and beyond. Or worse, too focused on obsessing about the past. Should’ve, would’ve….

I have to consciously remind myself that if I’m worried about the past or the future, I’m missing the important stuff that’s happening right now. Like my daughters’ milestones. Or a smile from my husband.

So this tiny corner of the web is mostly for me. But you can join along too. I welcome feedback, comments, suggestions. I’ll share a bit of my life – sometimes maybe more than a bit. But I think it will be cathartic. Like therapy. And hopefully it won’t be too boring.

Of course, I’ll also write about mindless stuff too – pop culture, celebrity gossip, music, politics. Did I mention I’m a raging liberal? Yeah. So things could get dicey as the political season heats up.

What else should you know about me? Well, I love driving too fast (sans kids in the backseat), Coca Cola, and postcards from around the world. I’m a proud alum of UCF and I’m fiercely loyal to the Red Sox, the Celtics and the Patriots. I’m also a Bruins fan, but admittedly, I don’t really follow hockey. But I know enough to get by. Not a fan of bluegrass music, cashews, or scary movies. Seriously. Nightmares.

So that’s it. I want to really focus on living in the moment. Appreciating every day. Life is way too short – I don’t want to waste a minute. So thanks to Natalie Merchant. Here goes –


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